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Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platform in Europe. Especially in the United Kingdom and Germany, Amazon is not shy with launching new initiatives. You can take advantage of this by selling on Amazon’s German marketplace. To be successful on Amazon, it is crucial that you choose the right marketing strategy and product focus. That’s where we come in. We will help you to boost your brand on Amazon

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Amazon advertising

Sell on Amazon, the largest e-commerce marketplace in Germany and generates half of the total German online sales. You can benefit enormously from this by selling on the German Amazon. To be successful on Amazon, it is crucial that you choose the right marketing strategy and product focus. Which products will you conquer Amazon with? We speak the language of the German consumer and are happy to help you make your products discoverable on Our Dexperteers have extensive experience with Amazon marketing. By combining advertising on Amazon (SEA) with Amazon SEO, we achieve the optimal result. Our native content specialists know exactly how to write a text that scores high and is pleasant to read for the visitor. With Amazon SEO we can increase the number of visitors on Amazon, so that they stay longer on your product page and take action.


Amazon works on a commission basis. On average, this is 15%, depending on the product group. In addition, you can advertise through Amazon Ads, which makes your products easier to find. Amazon is very critical when it comes to customer appreciation. If your fulfillment is not in order, you will quickly get a bad ranking or your account will be suspended by Amazon. We work with ProfitWiser: the smartest Amazon marketing tool. Via the Amazon tool Profitwiser you can see exactly how much profit you make per product and how the campaigns are running. ProfitWiser is the smartest marketing tool that we have developed internally based on our many years of experience. This software is made to improve product texts and get the most out of your Amazon ads.

Amazon Storefront

Een Amazon storefront, ook wel brandstore, is eigenlijk een shop-in-shop principe. Je krijgt je eigen webshop, met eigen url, binnen amazon. De store kun je op alle devices zien: desktop, laptop, tablet en mobiel.

Een storefront kan uit één pagina bestaan maar ook meerdere verschillende pagina’s. Deze pagina’s zijn te gebruiken als landingspage voor al jouw marketingactiviteiten binnen en buiten Amazon. Je kunt dus alle campagnes die je op Amazon draait of zelfs buiten Amazon laten uitkomen op je storefront. 

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We are a branding agency in Bunnik, Utrecht. We help your company to grow through strategy and design. With a down-to-earth mentality, we work together on a clear translation of your identity. We put you visibly on stage to share your brand story and connect with people. Critical, honest and genuinely involved. As part of your brand, we give you direction and lay the foundation for long-term brand success.

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