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Do you want to make your company more known in Germany? Then launch your brand through German influencers. About 1 in 5 Germans buys through influencers, which offers a lot of opportunities. The immediacy and authenticity of influencers surpass that of other media. We realize with our influencer marketing awareness and engagement for your company in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our team builds a sustainable influencer network that always fits your brand and growth phase. Together with the right specialists and a special influencer platform, we carry out the campaigns at a high level. So don’t wait any longer, get started with influencer marketing in Germany!

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What we can do


Your next step with German influencers

One in five Germans buys through influencers. A third of German consumers believe that brands should communicate as influencers do. We are therefore happy to help you respond to the growth opportunities that influencer marketing in Germany offers you. We provide a consistent story that is tailored to the largest social media channels; Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok.

A perfect match

With creative influencers and brand ambassadors you win the hearts of the German consumer. We always look for influencers who authentically increase your reach and authority. Exactly what your brand needs to take the next step towards more awareness. We match influencers with your brand based on target group, authenticity and authority. We build a relationship with them and negotiate the best conditions for you, so that you get the most out of the collaboration.

Your brand story in German!

During the collaboration, one of our German native influencer marketing specialists develops campaigns, together with German influencers and creators. With our all-in-one influencer marketing platform you get access to your own influencer network in Germany. They tell your brand story in a German and authentic way. We provide a consistent story tailored to Germany’s largest social media channels: Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and TikTok. During the campaigns, the results and engagement are closely monitored, so that we can steer towards the desired result.

Ready for the next step abroad?


We are a branding agency in Bunnik, Utrecht. We help your company to grow through strategy and design. With a down-to-earth mentality, we work together on a clear translation of your identity. We put you visibly on stage to share your brand story and connect with people. Critical, honest and genuinely involved. As part of your brand, we give you direction and lay the foundation for long-term brand success.

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