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We help you to be successful on the European market with a well-thought-out online marketing strategy. Within Europe there are large regional differences in trends, holidays and competitors alone. Our marketing specialists realize the maximum result for you. Together with you, we will look for the next growth opportunities in Europe!

What we can do


More return with your Google AdWords and Bing Ads campaigns (SEA)

Our qualified consultants help you set up, manage and analyze your SEA campaigns. We use tools specially selected for countries to keep your Adwords campaigns up to date. We have experience in setting up and optimizing your Google Shopping and online video channels (YouTube). We score above average within the benchmark of the Google AdWords partner program.

Better positions in German search engines (SEO)

Targeted search engine optimization contributes to your desired growth. We have German SEO specialists in house for this. We start with a plan of action that fits seamlessly with your specific situation. We support you step by step in implementing a successful SEO strategy. We start with a German keyword research, then we create appropriate content and provide authority through backlinks (link building), through PR, influencers and social media.

More reach with social media campaign

Do you want to increase your brand awareness in Germany and generate more relevant traffic? Social media and content marketing are particularly interesting for addressing your target group in Germany in a targeted manner. 76% of Germans use social media. Facebook is the largest social media platform and Instagram is rapidly gaining ground. We have LinkedIn and Xing specialists for B2B marketing. YouTube is the platform to give your brand meaning with video and to get your message across the stage.

Sell on and other marketplaces

Amazon, Germany’s largest e-commerce platform and generates half of the total German online turnover. You can benefit from this by selling on Amazon’s German marketplace. Choosing the right marketing strategy and product focus is crucial to success on Amazon. Our German-speaking marketplace specialists help you increase your turnover in Germany.

Ready for the next step abroad?


We are a branding agency in Bunnik, Utrecht. We help your company to grow through strategy and design. With a down-to-earth mentality, we work together on a clear translation of your identity. We put you visibly on stage to share your brand story and connect with people. Critical, honest and genuinely involved. As part of your brand, we give you direction and lay the foundation for long-term brand success.

Cross Border

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